Coin Laundry

Coin Laundry on-site

Our building has a coin laundry room with easy to operate machines. These new machines are located on ground floor, separate entrance. By exiting the main building entrance turn left and you will see a side coin laundry entrance next to external vending machine. Be sure to request a prepaid laundry card from the reception.

How to Use

Japanese Coin Laundry Machines

  • Get an optional prepaid card from HOYOU staff.
  • Soap is automatic. No need to add soap.
  • Check your clothing pockets before loading. 🙂
  • Remember your machine number.

Menu is touchscreen, with English option.

The English menu is user friendly but if you have questions be sure to ask HOYOU staff. There is a reminder call option, for those with a local phone number.