Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

The following information is provided for transparent understanding of business and related services.

Name of Business HOYOU Suite Residence
Address 〒556-0025
1-9-25 Naniwahigashi, Naniwa Ward,
Osaka City, Fuji Lin Plaza Building 15
Guest fees & other required fees
  • Rental Fee (Prices vary per room and floor)
    • Cleaning Fee (Included in rental fee) 
    • Additional Guests Fee (Included in rental fee)
  • Damage & Deposit, if requested through booking agent.
  • Optional services or products, available through vending machine or front desk.
Method and timing of payment Pre-Payment: Payment for rental service through booking channel, example Airbnb.
At Check-In/Out: Credit card transaction.
Conditions of cancelation or withdrawal Please check with your booking channel, differs per company, date, and room type.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. For additional comfort and safety, we offer room bookings through multiple agents.