House Manual

Outlined here are our ‘Terms of Service” or also known as “House Manual”. Please take a moment to read the following details and our rules below, along with informing your accompanying guests.

Check in: after 3:00pm
Check out: before 10:00am

Please inform us your expected arrival time, sooner the better. If arrival time is unknown, please note it may take time to check in. Thank you for your understanding.


HOYOU Suite Residence: Osaka Ashiharabashi Station Front
大阪市浪速区東浪速1-9-25富士林プラザ15番館(JR芦原橋駅 南改札口目の前)
〒556-0025 1-9-25 Naniwahigashi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka City,
Fujirin Plaza 15 Building (Big red and white sign on top of 14 story building) (Located in front of JR Ashiharabashi Station – South Ticket Gate)

Located in front of Ashiharabashi station
Station Building – Directly in front of the South Exit of JR Ashiharabashi

◆ House rules ◆

  1. Clean Kitchen – Feel free to use provided dishes and cooking utensils. Please return, wash, and clean everything to original position and condition.
  2. Don’t Forget Anything – Forgotten items will be disposed of after checkout.
  3. Damaged or Missing Items – If you break or damage something, please let me know as you will be responsible for its supplementary and replacement costs. For example in the case of accidental stain on bed sheets example food or blood, please be sure to let us know to avoid any charge or penalty fee.
  4. Trash – Please do not throw trash outside or anything from the balcony. Do not leave any food out that will attract uninvited pests. Please inform the front desk if you wish to collect trash.
  5. Your Pets – Sorry but pets are prohibited.
  6. Suitcases – In order to protect floors and keep clean, please do not drag the suitcase in the room, please keep in the designated luggage storage.
  7. Your Safety – Japan is relatively safe, but please keep the doors and windows closed and locked for safety. We can not assume responsibility for illness, injury, or loss. Secom security system and camera is installed in the building exterior and entrance areas.
  8. No Fire – We have a strict no smoking and no open flames policy. Automatic water sprinkler systems and fire alarms installed for fire prevention. If you smoke, you will be charged a penalty of JPY 50,000. Additionally, no smoking on balcony. The smoking area is in the parking space on the ground floor, or please ask for further details.
  9. Save Electricity – Japan has limited natural resources, so we ask guests off the air conditioner and other electrical items whenever leaving the room.
  10. Be Mindful of Neighbours – Please be quiet in the lobby, entrance, elevator and other public places. The building is located in a residential area, many people live in the vicinity, especially after 9:00 pm keep attention to noise and please be quiet.
  11. No Surprises – No parties, no outside visitors, no overnight guests without previous approval from your host.
  12. Visiting Other Rooms – It is strictly prohibited to visit the neighboring rooms. If you need assistance please contact staff.
  13. Clean Up – There is no in-room cleaning service during your stay, so please clean up after yourself.
  14. Child Safety – If your child is with you, please keep an eye on them and we can not assume the responsibility of being injured during your stay.
  15. Injury – We can not assume the responsibility of death or injury during my stay.
  16. Checkout – On checkout, please empty the fridge, remove used sheets and pillowcases, and return any borrow items, like pocket wifi.
  17. Criminal Activity – Do not engage in illegal activities anywhere on the property.